General medicine




          Health Plans
  We have developed clinical practice guidelines about the following health problems :
  1.- Brain stroke.  19.- Benign hyperplasia prostate.
  2.- Fragile old man. 20.- Hypertension.
  3.- Arthrosis. 21.- Urinary tract infections.
  4.- Bronchial asthma. 22.- Renal litiasis. Nefhritic colic.
  5.- Climateric woman. Postmenopause. 23.- Obesity.
  6.- Goiter. Hypo and hyperthyroidism. 24.- Osteoporosis.
  7.- Colorectal cancer. 25.- Depresive patient.
  8.- Migraines. 26.- Terminal patient.
  9.- Small surgery. 27.- Ocular pathology.
  10.- Dementia. 28.- Family planning : General information and coverage of oral contraceptives.
  11.- Diabetes. 29.- Prevention of the gynecological cancer and breast cancer.
  12.- Dislipemia. 30.- Problems related to the consumption of alcohol.
  13.- Chronic pain. 31.- Problems related to the consumption of tobacco.
  14.- Back pain. 32.- Dysfunctions of anxiety and dysfunctions of adaptation.
  15.- Pregnancy : Coverage of the normal pregnancy. Behavior in pathological situations. 33.- Tuberculosis.
  16.- Chronic bronchitis. 34.- Gastric and duodenal ulcer.
  17.- Sexual transmission diseases. 35.- Vaccines in childhood and in adult.
  18.- Ankle sprain. 36.- Vertigo.
          Clinical preventive services
  We have developed guides of preventive revisions and advice with regard to the following aspects of the health:
  1.- Detection of cardiovascular illnesses. 7.- Detection of muscle-skeletal dysfunctions.
  2.- Detection of neoplasic illnesses. 8.- Detection of mental dysfunctions and abuse of psicoactive substances.
  3.- Detection of metabolic illnesses. 9.- Advice to prevent the consumption of tobacco.
  4.- Detection of metabolic dysfunctions. 10.- Advice has more than enough physical exercises.
  5.- Detection of infectious illnesses. 11.- Nutritional advice.
  6.- Detection of haematological dysfunctions. 12.- Inmunizations in the adult age.
        International Classification of Primary Care - 2nd Edition
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